Thursday 9.17.15


The GOP Debate at the Reagan Library.

I’ve actually toured the Reagan Library. I’m doubtful that any of the candidates felt a sense of wonder knowing that my actual feet walked those halls. Of course, my main goal last night was to keep an eye on one Scott K. Walker of Wisconsin. Here are a few observations:

After blowing the first debate, we knew that Scott would have to bone up quite a bit for number two. Despite changes to his stump speech – “Wreaking Havoc and Draining the Swamp” – his poll numbers fell to all time lows. Standing in the shadow of Donald Trump, he would have to come up with a great plan to shut The Donald down. As we have seen in the past few weeks, one of Walker’s greatest qualities (according to Walker) is being able to “drop the bomb” or “zing” Hillary Clinton on Twitter. I’m pretty sure that other world leaders don’t give two shits about what zany comeback the Walker team can come up with on social media, but Fox news seems to use it as an actual talking point.

The debate started out with CNN’s Jake Tapper saying “if you’ve been watching this race, you know “anything” could happen in the next few hours.” This raised two questions in my mind. First, when did we take the dignity, grace, professionalism and honor out of running a presidential debate? “Anything” could happen? What was possibly going to happen? Would there be a brawl? Would Carly Fiorina and Marco Rubio compare the size of their ears? Perhaps the entire 11 top tier candidates would suddenly break into a production of Yankee Doodle? Second, “HOURS?” This was about to become grueling, for sure.

The candidates introduced themselves and then the questioning immediately went to Fiorina to remark on whether or not SHE felt comfortable with TRUMP’S finger on the nuke button. She did not answer the question and then the time went to Trump who told us how successful he has been – and mentioned “The Apprentice.”

This is where I noticed Scott K. Walker getting a little twitchy. “Jake, Jake” he tried to interrupt. Trump had made a comment about Rand Paul, so the floor went to Paul. Still, there was “Jake, Jake” coming from Walker like someone who had neglected to take a huge piss before the event.

The floor then went to Jeb Bush and he hashed it out with Trump a bit. Walker’s interruptions came at 10:54, 11:47, 11:55, 12:00, 13:58 and then finally at 14:07 he was able to use the line “We don’t need an apprentice in the White House”… his all time Trump zinger. The problem now is, once you’ve blown your wad, you’re out of the game for a while. Luckily, as Trapper had already mentioned, this would go on for hours.

In the 2 hours and 45 minutes that would follow, Walker would have the least amount of time speaking of all of the candidates. He appeared sweaty, tired, too eager, overworked and haggered. After the debate, he would spend more time in CNN’s “spin” room than anyone else.

I’m pretty sure this guy is all but done but I also know that he is in it to win it. He will remain a candidate as long as his donors support him. This all leaves me with the following conclusions…

The Koch’s and other big name donors, as well as a bunch of poor suckers around the country have put a TON of money into Scott Walker. You would think that some of that money would purchase the finer things, like coaches on voice and body mannerisms. Walker has repeatedly told us that he got where he is today because he “did not compromise his conservative principles.” Well, bullshit, Scott. Once Trump took the lead, your speech and mannerisms changed. You were going to wreak havoc and drain the swamp. You were going to unload big, bold ideas for day one every week. You were going to do the “full Grassley” and hit every county in Iowa. You, in fact, had to change your game plan to take on a complete non-politician in Trump as well as another in Ben Carson who were both now killing you in the polls. That, my Governor, is making a compromise.


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