Monday 9.21.15


Fighting Bob Fest: 2015 edition.

It was a great sunny and warm day. Progressives poured into Breese Stevens Field in Madison to take part in food, drink and conversations about today’s politics. Of course, I was there to get a feel for how these people felt about our Governor and his attempt to run for president.

The commentary on Scott Walker was dismissive. With his current polling at 0%, these people figure he’s just done. He’s not “just done” yet.

If you recall past presidential election seasons, you know that for whatever reason, every one of the candidates running had a brief moment in the light. In 2012, it was predicted very early on that Mitt Romney would in fact be the nominee. Eventually, he was but this was after all of the other GOP candidates had their surges and then dropped back into oblivion.

Walker is now in Oblivionville, USA. Most of the speakers at Bob Fest jokingly mentioned how Walker is toast, history, yesterday’s white pasty news. What they seemed to overlook is the fact that this is exactly the confident frame of mind we were in when he introduced ACT10. It happened again during the protests and when Senate Democrats visited Illinois. We saw it again during the recall… there would be NO WAY this piece of shit would ever get to keep his job. Again we saw this in the election to his second term. We dismissed his ability to continue. We lightheartedly joked it off and I suppose some of us figured that the less we heard about him or kept him in the news – the more Wisconsinites would just forget Scott Walker ever happened.

Unfortunately, that was not the case. He stuck to Wisconsin like a stain. No matter how hard we tried to get rid of him, he’s still there. Now, with polling to a point where most of the media won’t bother to talk to him, he and his donors can go back under the radar and regroup. He’ll continue to glad hand Iowans and others around the country in the states needed to vote him in. There are 5 months between now and the February Iowa Caucus. That’s plenty of time for Walker to shut up about things he’ll flip-flop about. Plenty of time to wait it out as others surge and then make some critical mistake (like talking) which will result in several of them to evaporate into political history.

What we need is a constant reminder that Walker is like a festering pus just under the surface of your skin – just waiting to erupt. We need to know that he’s full of shit, can barely form words in English, works for the big donor group and does not really have the best interests of the “hard-working American Family” at heart. So, keep him in the news, keep him on TV, follow his ridiculous tweets and just wait for this tumor to show up again.


UPDATE!!!!!!!! 6 minutes after posting this, one of Wisconsin’s top political strategists called me to inform me that Scott K. (for Krumble) Walker plans to drop out of the Presidential race. Not a surprise looking at his latest numbers and also not a surprise as “dropping out” is one thing that hes does have experience with. My only question now is – how long will it take him to actually become a FORMER presidential candidate? It took months for him to actually declare himself a candidate… so perhaps it will take as long to get out. We’ll hear him interviewed and he will use the phrase “If I actually drop out, moving forward.”

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