Tuesday 9.22.15

Looks like I’ll spend more time on my fiddling now.


When I was at Bob Fest the other day, someone made the statement that was something like “all of the people who made efforts to eliminate Walker were Wisconsin Political Heroes.” Something like that. Maybe I helped a bit.

I’ve spent a lot of time over most of 2015 following what the guy did and said and where he did it and said it. It was for the most part all the same shtick. It all looked, in my mind unbelievably, like he just might have gotten away with it too – but then Trump had to go and be all Trumpy. Walker had to step outside of his comfort zone of saying not much of anything relevant to what a great many of Americans wanted to hear from a presidential contender. We heard about Matt and Alex and the kind of country Scott grew up in. I’m still trying to google map wherever that was. We heard about Megan Sampson, union busting and not being intimidated by the 100,000 protesters. We heard about the death threats. We heard that his Mom makes cookies and that you can get a great deal on Kohl’s merchandise. (perhaps there are still a few Walker 2016 shirts available – might be worth a buck)

But he was bland. Re-working his persona into someone with fire in his belly worked about as well as this is good dancing:

His staff was large, his polling fell sharply. There were articles about vendors not being paid for things. Donors were concerned and in the end, much of the staff as well as the donors were surprised when the news came out that Walker was going to walk. When it came to conservative values like not spending more than necessary, he was not very fiscally conservative at all.

So now what? For the rest of the country, no big deal. In fact, I heard earlier on Monday that 25% of Republicans polled were unfamiliar with Scott Walker. They will never need to know. For people like me – in Wisconsin – we wonder what could be next. Here’s a guy who has spent every week since January out of the state. Following his twitter feed, you see where he ate breakfast, lunch and dinner. Now, it’ll be home cooking?

We also know in the most truthful and factual manner possible that our Governor is a completely (so far) failed presidential candidate. We know that he has led from behind in this state as his teapublicans, along with ALEC have pushed shit legislation through… and then he steps in and takes credit. We also know that now, apparently, he’s back in Wisconsin until 2018.

Or maybe not. Perhaps he’ll find his calling as a pundit or write a few more books on conservatism or Reagan. Maybe he’ll be called up to a cabinet position if a Republican wins in 2016. Somehow, I don’t think he’s over quite yet – and the result will probably not be a good thing in the hands of the hard-working taxpayers.

For me, more fiddle practice.

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