Thursday 1.21.16


Ok, Sarah Palin… ugh, I’m going to write about Sarah Palin. A much better writer would certainly entertain you with a choice of poetic prose… something that would graciously draw your attention and amazement into the story while making some kind of point. I’m less gracious. Taking a cue from Republican front-runner, Donny Trump, I’m throwing political correctness out the front door and into a cold pile of hellish Wisconsin winter snow.

Sarah Palin. Are you fucking kidding me? Way back in history, some brain-damaged individual or individuals dug this fingernails-on-a-chalboard-voiced pandering buck sucking piece of human garbage out of Alaska and injected her into the vein of the U.S.A. Thanks for that great decision.

Not only did we get to see her give up her term as Governor, we got to see her go rogue (Rogue, by the way is defined as a dishonest or worthless person according to Merriam-Webster) and help lose McCain’s presidential hopes. We continued to be pained by her as well as her family in books, speaking engagements, reality shows, Fox news editorials and more. She’s a hit at the NRA conventions.

Now, she’s endorsing Trump. I’m absolutely positive that this move is completely self-serving for Sarah Palin. Fuck the rest of the country, she’s in it to win it… as she herself had said in her endorsement speech. This all is ridiculous, funny and scary at the same time. Ridiculous and funny because, well… Sarah Palin. Scary because we all thought Trump running for president would never ever really happen. It did. We all knew he was done as soon as he opened his mouth and talked about rapists from Mexico. He was not done, his popularity increased. He proves day in and day out that not only is he NOT a politician, he really does not know much about politics (or religion) and has no real plans to share about how he will actually make America great again. His popularity grows despite the absurdity of everything Trump. It is a new era where stupid is the new black and Sarah Palin is looking for her piece of the “stupid” pie.

But that’s just one part of this. Here’s what’s really bugging me…

When Sarah Palin was making her endorsement speech, her son, Track, was being detained by police for abusing a woman, being drunk and being reckless with an automatic weapon – in Sarah Palin’s home.

Yesterday, still on the trail for Trump, Palin used the ever popular “TROOPS” card. Her son served in 2008. That was 8 years ago. I don’t know what he saw or what he did. I don’t know what the other thousands of military people saw or did either. According to Sarah, those who serve usually come back a little different… which I guess is an excuse for her son’s mental instability. The drinking, fighting, fucking, fathering, divorcing, more drinking, physical abusing, gun wielding can all be attributed to his service to our country – and it is probably Obama’s fault.

Give me an actual fucking break.

I actually do know a few random people who have done tours in the Middle East. They seem to me to be people who did a job or people who are continuing to do a job. As far as I know, they seem to be stable and responsible individuals. None of THEM use the “troops” card… ever.

Let’s say Sarah is partially correct and that military people need something extra special. Sarah and her pals are the first ones to talk about troops and freedom and kicking ass around the world. These are also the people who do not want to fund social programs for mental health, do not want to better regulate gun control, allow Vets to remain unemployed or homeless. If they were the people they say they are, they’d be doing and spending much, much more rather than asking you to send money to their SuperPac.

The other thing is this: Every single one of those military people were also regular people at one time. Regular people with regular issues. My guess is that some people in the military and out of the military – especially someone in their late teens or early 20’s who are still developing in maturity and personal experience – could also be other things, like complete assholes.

Perhaps Track is simply a complete asshole. Perhaps Track suffers from the last 8 years of his mother and family being in the spotlight a little too much. I’m going to go with complete asshole. I’m going to take it a step further and suggest that Sarah blaming any of this on the President makes her a complete asshole. You can’t use “San Dimas High School Football Rules” (“Troops”) line all of the time.

Rantman, out.


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