Monday 3.14.16


Yep… This time it is Ben Carson. To make matters even more incredibly laughable, Chris Christie is doing a road show with Trump, mildly interviewing him on stage. Let me suggest, Chris, that your tailor does something about creating a “sitting down” suit for you.

I actually listened to the Hickory, NC rally today. Never before have I watched so many people cheer for an hour or so of absolutely no information, no facts and no actual plans other than “it will be tremendous.” Fucking bite me.

How does a guy like Christie who just a couple or weeks ago seemed to think he had an actual spine go from that to Trump’s lackey? I have to do this in small doses now to keep the blood pressure down. After today, we say hello to Lipitor.

In other news… This week is St. Pat’s Day. Instead or reeling from the political shit-show, Here are some Irish Reels…

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