Thursday 3.31.16

40 years ago or so, I ran for President… of our high school Student Council. I had been the treasurer the year before and had been involved in class politics a little, so I had kind of an idea of what was going on. I ran on the theme that it was “Time for a change.”

Oohh, big words… so what did it mean? Looking back on it, I’m not sure if I remember, so I’ll wing it on the recollection part here. The guy before me was the son of the Superintendent. He was a good student, athlete, was involved in a lot of activities and was a good Scout. He was first trombone, I was second. His Dad had been instrumental in denying me taking art classes at a nearby school, so we arranged for me to just start going to Junior College during my last two years of high school. So, I guess I wanted to stick it to someone.

I won. I think I know why. I had nothing to offer other than “some” knowledge of how the organizations worked. I was loud, cocky, a show-off. There had been times in my school years when I had displayed an amount of “going against the establishment” – a.k.a I was in the office a few times. Beyond that, people just probably felt that they did not want to do it and here was a guy who was willing. I won. The kind of person I was then is probably the kind of person who would vote for Trump now. Having been a smart-ass douchebag piece of shit, I can fairly easily recognize one.

The Presidency lasted one school year. It was less than memorable and something I simply “got through” as did the other kids in the school.

Flash forward to now and where we are in the Presidential campaign. At the moment, we have Clinton and Sanders for the DNC and Trump, Cruz and Kasich for the GOP.

Here’s where I am with this: I don’t particularly care for Hillary Clinton. I never did. In my mind, we already went through enough of a Clinton administration. My gut tells me that she is disingenuous from time to time and perhaps is not working as hard to become OUR President as she is working to BECOME President.

Kasich and Cruz… eh… It’s going to be Trump for the GOP so why go on about those two.

Remaining: Sanders and Trump.

I’ve seen Bernie Sanders several times. A few times at Fighting Bob Fest and at a couple of rallies in Madison. The last time he was at Fighting Bob Fest, I was walking out of the vendor building and came up behind a tall, white-haired guy in a tired blue (maybe gray) suit. I walked around him, stuck out my hand and said “Bernie Sanders! How are you?” Then I took a couple of pictures.


In the times I’ve listened to him – over a course of several years – his message is the same. He stays on point and can provide you with history and statistics to back his statements. He is a career politician and I think that is just fine. A person knowing what gets done and how it gets done in Washington (or does not get done) is what I want in a President.

Trump… is me 40 years ago. Nothing to say but he says nothing very loudly over and over again.  big talker, a loud mouth, a show off. You can NOT not answer questions on how things will be handled in the next administration. Your answer can NOT be something like “I’m not going to divulge information.” It can’t be as easy as just saying this will be so great or we will be winners… and have a complete “fuck you” attitude to anyone who disagrees. You can NOT project that point of view onto your followers and suggest that they take any kind of action. This (Trump) is something completely degrading to anything we have hoped to accomplish by 2016.

In Wisconsin, next Tuesday, April 5th, we get an opportunity to vote. Your vote for Trump is nothing more than a shit stain on our future… a future where people have decided there are no more rules, no more etiquette. A future where some loud mouthed sack of shit will do nothing more than wreak havoc on the future of the USA. Every day will be a fight to know what was said or done, why it was said or done and what the real meaning or intent was. Nothing of real value in building for the future will be accomplished. The country will become more and more divided and not only will this polarization damage us for years and years to come, it will also damage our relations with the rest of the world. 2016 will be remembered as the year we lost our collective fucking minds. With Trump as President for at least four years, we will not simply “get through it” as I did 40 years ago. We will be scarred for years to come.

Here is a little video which shows a difference in the two…

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