Thursday 4.7.16


It was a day just like any other. Well, it was like most any other Wisconsin Wednesday in April: cold, maybe rain or snow or 32 minutes of sun… only time would tell. I was up early and ready to get to work. Everything was going according to my regular schedule. What happened next changed my day forever.

I was showered and getting dressed. The last thing I needed to do was – like almost every other day – iron a shirt. The ironing board was up and the shirt was selected. I grabbed my trusty iron from the cabinet and plugged it in. There was water in it, so we would be good to go.

I gave the iron a minute or two to heat up, positioned the shirt on the ironing board and began. I had not heard the usual hissing and other noises that the iron makes when it heats up. When I started ironing, I discovered the reason: my iron had died.

At first, I refused to believe it. I checked how I had it plugged in. I thought that perhaps we had a bad outlet. No, that was not it. I dared to actually place my hand upon the dead iron. It was sorrowfully cold to the touch. It would iron no more.

I reflected on our history together for a bit. It was always a good iron, never a problem. It was a hard worker and was there for me whenever I needed it. We were a team. Yes, there were days when it might get a little too hot but after things cooled down, we could always begin again with an optimistic view on the future. It could be my shirts or maybe my pants. It might even be an article of clothing for someone else… we did not care. As a team, we could take on the world.

Now, all of that is in the past. A once beautiful relationship was now cold and lifeless. Nothing would be ironed today. Momentarily, I wondered if I would ever iron again. As the minutes wore on, I decided to start looking into another iron. Was it too soon? Thankfully, there’s an Ace Hardware down the street and those people are pretty good at helping you find what you desire. Later that day the old dead cold iron was replaced with a slightly smaller and younger model. Very hot, by the way.

I WILL iron again.

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