Friday 8.19.16

RantmanYep, another Rantman rantolicious rant. Its been way too long. I received a phone call late this morning from a customer who told me that I had mistakenly put up the wrong sign at their location. I was pretty sure that as always, I was in the right and someone else was in the wrong. The tale unfolds:

I was contacted by a customer a few weeks ago who asked that I replace a sign I had made for them many years ago. The sign was showing signs of wear and they also wanted to change their message. Not a problem. We discussed the changes that were to be made, specifically changes to what they had to offer. Some new message would replace the previous message to update them and bring them into 2016. As the customer was speaking, I was writing down the variety of messages. I say variety because the customer evidently did not have this message completely figured out yet, which is also a normal situation. The customer would think it out loud as we talked.

Now, I’ll certainly get shit for this but the conversation was similar to just about every other conversation I have at home. There are a series of reasons why communication sucks… I was not paying attention, the conversation was started in the middle of a story and I had no idea what the hell we were talking about, the conversation was started in a room across the house while a fan and the air conditioner was making noise in between…

In these situations, I will ask a person to repeat what was said. Unfortunately, I often do not actually say “could you repeat what you just said”, I will instead say “what did you say?” And here is where it gets tricky: often the person will paraphrase what they had just said instead of repeating exactly what came out of their mouth. This is difficult for me as I had kind of trained my mind on the group of words that I thought I had heard. When I now hear something that sounds completely different from what I thought I had heard – I am confused as I now have to redirect my thoughts to the new message.

Back to my customer on the phone… the customer would speak the message, I would repeat back what I had written down and then the customer – creating on the go – would then re-state the message in a different way. This went on for a while. Eventually, we had 3 or 4 variations to work with. I would sketch up these variations and then email them for a final decision.

After sending the sketches, several days went by and then I received a message narrowing down what the customer wanted. I sent new sketches. Several more days went by and then I received a phone call from someone else in the organization who said they were following up on behalf of the customer and we would finalize the sign. Done.

Done until today when I was told I had made the wrong sign, meaning, I had put the wrong message on the sign. Well, I’m pretty sure I had a go-ahead from this other person but ok… I can change it.

But here’s the thing about that: the message that I DID put on the sign contained the phrase “family values.” Something like “We are a place that does a thing… with family values.” I had to remove that in favor of one of the other messages we had discussed. Why? Because – and I use the exact phrase here – “It would be offensive to the Gays.” The Gays. Previously, this message had seemed perfectly fine for this business. Now it would offend and “the gays” may not want to do business with this place.

I asked: “is this because some right-wing nut job considers family values to be something where there’s a one man and one woman kind of thing?” Yes, exactly.

So, to sum that up… people in a same-sex relationship or people who are not heterosexual would think that this place is in line with far right homophobic thinking.

Maybe so but excuse me, what kind of fucking bullshit is that? The problem here is that someone somewhere over time has taken our language and flipped it on its ass. Okay, right wingers… what exactly does it mean to have family values? If a person is in the LGBTQ community, are the values different? Do they do things like not work and/or pay taxes? Do they not shop at a grocery store or need medical services? Perhaps Netflix is not for them. The whole idea of going to school, getting an education, eating right, getting to sleep on time, being respectful to others… all that shit is out the window?

Here’s where something great – like “family values” has been completely fucked by the extreme right-wing dip shits. This word bastardization should come to an end.

Let’s briefly look at a few things that used to mean something else.

Bad Ass. Now, Bad Ass is awesome. That dude is Bad Ass, the kind of person who does whatever, whenever and gives zero shits about it. Bad Ass used to be something not good. Bad is the opposite of good and an ass is either the back-end of a person or a donkey. Perhaps someone sold you a crippled donkey… that would be a Bad Ass. Perhaps you are looking at the backsides of two people at the same time. One of them is more attractive in this view than the other – the other resulting in having a Bad Ass.

Sick used to be what we actually became at times or faked to get out of school. Now sick is either cool or somewhat twisted, all which can be Bad Ass.

Shit. Shit can be used many ways. Shit originally was excrement, something that came out of you after you digested food. Now you can have good shit. “That taco salad was GOOD SHIT!” And, eventually, that taco salad becomes actual shit. “He’s a good shit!” Meaning that he’s a good guy. “This food is SHIT!” Okay, back it up a bit, would you actually eat a meal of shit? No… it was the not so good taco salad and you called it shit.  “I could give a shit” or “I don’t give a shit”… so to show your approval or disapproval on a subject you would reward someone with excrement? WTF, dude, that’s kind of sick… and not in a good way. Where the fuck are your family values?

And one more thing… “The Gays?” When did it become standard or normal to add the word “the” to a thing? We watched a program the other night where a woman informed someone that she had “the cancer.” Not simply cancer… she had THE cancer. Some people say they were on “The Facebook.” NO……….. you were on Facebook. Perhaps you were on Facebook on THE computer or THE phone or THE tablet. I think it is time for me to go to THE home, turn on THE Netflix and enjoy a SICK bottle of THE Corona. Corona is the SHIT.

In summary, I changed the sign.


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