Monday 10.10.16

I watched the debate…


The weekend was great, weather-wise. I got a lot of things done outside as well as some painting on the front porch. Since it is turning cooler, I’ve done the annual “move the back porch to the front porch for winter” thing.

All weekend long I looked forward to the debate. Since the latest breaking news in which video and audio from 2005 came to light where the Donald describes how to fondle women, the news snippets I had been hearing and reading in between yard and porch chores had me looking forward to Sunday night.

Personally, I am very guilty of shit I should never have said coming out of my mouth. Thinking before I speak does not always work for me. It should, I should know better and still… I say stupid things from time to time. Fortunately, I’m not the head of a country, head of a multi-billion dollar organization or running for anything.

What I learned form watching the debate is this: I did not watch it because I was looking for any hopeful new information on how our country would progress in the coming years. I watched it because I wanted to see a train wreck. That is a sad state. After a year or more of people running, debates and eliminations we are down to these two people – out of everyone else in the country – to become our next President.

One thing I did take away from this is the following… and shit may pour out of my mouth, so bear with me. Trump would say bare with me, which would be an invitation to undress.

The question pops up about why after 30 plus years as a public servant, Hillary has not done more to change tax laws and other things. I’m going to take a wild-ass guess here and suggest that as a lawmaker/politician you have to do a few shitty things in order to do some good things. I understand that as a Senator, her name is on 400 plus pieces of legislation. I’m guessing Trump’s name is on a total of zero pieces of legislation. In those 30 plus years, Clinton has done things to benefit underprivileged people. In the same amount of time, Trump has worked to build companies, buildings, hotels, casinos and golf courses to benefit as well as take advantage of those in the 1%. A completely different world.

I think I identify better with trying to help someone out instead of fucking someone over or grabbing them by the genitalia.


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