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Friday 10.20.17

Yesterday was kind of a tough day. We had to put our cat down. She had been suffering from a thyroid condition for a couple of years which meant a special diet… but other than that she was doing fairly well. The thyroid thing plus her age (15) all caught up with her last week. The vet prescribed a couple of meds but she decided enough was enough and stopped eating. The last week found her mostly looking into her water dish. There were a few attempts at doing regular things like batting things around in the bathroom, watching the news with me on the couch or checking out what was in the fridge for one last time. Losing a pet is hard. You always know this is the way it ends but this time it felt a little different knowing that the cat had been part of everything we’ve done in the last 15 years. At that time we still had kids in the house. Over the years they have all moved on and the cat seemed to be a tie to our past when everyone was still here. Ordinarily, I was never a cat person but this cat decided I was ok for a human.

RIP Tad Cooper (aka Venus)

Wednesday 10.18.17

Wednesday Waltz: Not a waltz… Wayfaring Stranger.

Wednesday 10.11.17

Wednesday waltz, Gypsy Waltz…

Wednesday 10.4.17

Wednesday Waltz: in 6/8 – Airaidh Nam Badan or Glen of Thickets. It just kind of goes on to an anticlimactic ending.

Tuesday 10.3.17

2017 marks a year (so far) where I’ve felt like I’ve been on the edge of my seat almost every day. If you are watching an action adventure film for a couple of hours in a movie theater, that’s one thing but this adventure has gone on for 276 days as of today.

Many, many of the weeks of this year have ended in a news correspondent saying the words “President Trump’s  worst week so far.” In just this last month we’ve seen devastation in Texas, Florida, Mexico, Puerto Rico… fires out west, threats of nuclear destruction, a national outcry for and against NFL players taking a knee and the horrific shooting in Las Vegas. It seems that “thoughts and prayers” only go so far. This country has got some gigantic issues to deal with.

Before the shooting in Vegas and the lack of response to Puerto Rico, we were focused on the “taking a knee” situation in the NFL. As we know, this started when Colin Kaepernick first sat out during the National Anthem and then began to take a knee. Others followed. This was a peaceful protest against the unfair treatment and oppression towards people of color.

Social media is peppered with people calling it the wrong thing to do for various reasons. They say it is disrespectful to our country and/or the Veterans who have fought to keep us free.

Since this is also MY country… and since I do a half-assed job of looking at history as well as listening to current events, I’d like to point a couple of things out.

The flag of The United States stands for many things. Yes, it stands for all of the heroic sacrifices our Veterans have made since this country began. The flag also represents many other things that we should not ignore. The flag was born out of a protest to England. It represents a country who said slavery was “ok” for some time. It represents also saying it was ok to kill off or displace Native Americans who were here before all of us immigrants… which all of us were at some time. It was ok to not allow women to vote, was ok to perform medical experiments on people who had no idea what their own government was doing to them. It was ok to allow Jim Crow laws. It send thousands of young men to their death in Vietnam while politicians safely in this country tried to cover one ass after another. It allows textbooks to be altered to recall a history we should learn and not the history we should forget. It represents continuous unfair treatment towards women when it comes to health and pay. It also represents a country who despite all of our “power”, can’t seem to ever get something as obvious as gun legislation resolved. It represents a country where the legislators have actually made it easier for people with mental health issues to purchase weapons capable of killing 59 people and injuring hundreds more at a fucking concert. It represents a country where legislators will soon vote on overturning laws on silencers, saying that without one a shooter’s hearing could be harmed. Today, it is a country where the President suggests that Puerto Rico should feel proud that they only lost 16 people compared to “a real catastrophe like Katrina”. So, when you look at that flag, you must understand that it means much, much more than rah-rah USA. It also means that WE as a country have done (and continues to do) horrible things to each other.

It does represent a lot of wonderful things as well. It represents a country where an individual can disagree with inequalities and protest. It represents a history of slowly taking a shit-pile of wrong things and making them better, if not right. I think it continues to represent a National hope that eventually we will all one day pull our heads out of our collective asses and come together to do the right thing.


Wednesday 9.27.17

Wednesday waltz featuring an actual waltz. The Cowboy Waltz…

Wednesday 9.20.17

Wednesday Waltz, not a waltz… some Cape Breton Jerry Holland music… Old Faithful.