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Monday 7.16.18

This is a re-do. I tried to post this yesterday but Facebook decided that my pin-up boobs were too realistic.

Warning: There be tits in this post.

That said and fully warned, Let me explain. Friday afternoon a man walked into the shop with a project in mind. He needed some lettering and some artwork for something he has been working on for a while… a pontoon boat. I get pontoon boat stuff in every so often so it seemed usual until he described what he was up to. This one would be a little different.

He had his pontoon boat painted up to look like the outside skin of a Korean War B29. Dad was a radio operator during that time, jamming signals from enemy guns. Somehow, he lived through all that. His father, now 86, suffered a stroke last year and has been in recovery since then. Dad is now to the point where he can get out and about a little, which for this family is a milestone in his recovery process. The father had to learn how to walk and speak again… and the topic of conversation that got him talking was his time as a radio operator in a B29 during the Korean War. The son wanted some of the lettering from the actual aircraft replicated to place on this pontoon boat. There will be an outing later this week and they hope to surprise the father. One of the other requests was whether or not I could re-create the nose art that was on the plane. The photos of the original(s)(One or two burned up and were replaced) were kind of hard to actually see in an image, so some creative license was used in the re-creation. Pin-Ups on these were not quite photographically accurate images, they were hand painted. It’s kind of like someone did a drawing of someone and kind of fucked it up a little… the proportions are not quite true. Ok… it kind  of looks like someone but if you were to see that person in real life, you’d be kind of freaked out by their appearance. I tried to re-create that f-ed up kind of accuracy.

As he was describing this idea and we chatted for a bit, he got kind of emotional… which made me want to do this even more. This is what’s going on the pontoon boat…

Thursday 7.12.18

A Wednesday waltz on a Thursday… what? I ordered an out of print fiddle book from the UK. Royal Mail says it is on the way. It is an Eleanor Townsend book. Here is one of her tunes: Toronto Waltz. I know, I already did this. Here’s a redo.

Sunday 7.8.18

I follow a guy from the UK on Youtube and Facebook. He is Chris Perry, a.k.a. Peakfiddler. I’m always blown away by his creativity. I imagine that his mind is a constant musical work in progress. He had posted this composition a short time ago and I asked him if there was sheet music available. His response was that he was working on it and then a couple of days later, it was available. This is nowhere as good as him playing it, it is just my meat cutter attempt at hacking it out. There’s a very high note in this piece… I had to stick a mark on the fingerboard so I could try to hit it.

Wednesday 6.13.18

Wednesday Waltz, not a waltz. Skipper’s Fancy.

Saturday 6.9.18

A Saturday Waltz! This is “Neil’s Favorite Old Time Waltz” by Noel Berard. I thought it was, and is… a pretty neat tune.

Wednesday 6.6.18

Wednesday Waltz… with an actual waltz! It’s been a while since I took a crack at anything new, but I was recently invited to join a FB group, something I hardly do, where there would be a couple of tune challenges each month. I don’t know (most of) anyone who ever looks at this stuff I do here, but in order to join that group, I had to say I would post a video once in a while… like, a real video of me strangling a violin in front of people who can actually measure the amount of suckiness in my adventure. Guess I had to try to step it up and develop a couple of dangling spheres.

Wednesday 4.25.18

It’s been a while since I made some noise… I heard this on Peakfiddler’s page and had to give it a shot.