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Wednesday 12.6.17

Wednesday Waltz, an actual waltz… Emma’s Waltz (redo)

Saturday 12.2.17

Some #@%&*$! Christmas music for you. Dec. 2, 50’s today, no snow… the political comedy/horror of 2017 continues. Guess I can rake some more leaves.

Wednesday 11.29.17

Wednesday Waltz. More of a Strathspey. Miss Stewart of Grantully.

Sunday 11.26.17

Just some fiddling around. Robert and Alice’s Waltz…

Wednesday 11.22.17

Wednesday Waltz, still not a waltz. Another redo: The Whistling Swans by Hope Grietzer,

Tuesday 11.21.17

Wednesday Waltz Bonus Edition: A redo plus a recipe.

Wednesday 11.15.17

Wednesday Waltz… Cowboy Waltz redo.