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Saturday 4.22.17

The Cliffs of Moher… an actual place where I will actually be in about 2 weeks… actually.

Wednesday 4.19.17

Wednesday Waltz, this time not a waltz. Da Slockit Light by Tom Anderson.

Wednesday 4.12.17

Wednesday Waltz… get this, an actual waltz this time. Country Waltz.

Wednesday 4.5.17

Wednesday waltz… Sort of a waltz because it is 3/4… but more of a slow air as parts of this are 6/4 and 5/4. Another one of those tunes with a bunch of history.

Sunday 4.2.17

Some Sunday Fiddling. The Big Sciota.

Wednesday 3.29.17

Wednesday Waltz: not a waltz. Keeping it Irish. The Coleraine.

Thursday 3.23.17

Sliding in a little more upbeat tune. Because I do follow political news fairly regularly, the Lament seemed appropriate… like every day since January 20. Here’s something a bit different: Barrowburn Reel & The High Road to Linton.