Musical things

Thursday 7.12.18

A Wednesday waltz on a Thursday… what? I ordered an out of print fiddle book from the UK. Royal Mail says it is on the way. It is an Eleanor Townsend book. Here is one of her tunes: Toronto Waltz. I know, I already did this. Here’s a redo.

Sunday 7.8.18

I follow a guy from the UK on Youtube and Facebook. He is Chris Perry, a.k.a. Peakfiddler. I’m always blown away by his creativity. I imagine that his mind is a constant musical work in progress. He had posted this composition a short time ago and I asked him if there was sheet music available. His response was that he was working on it and then a couple of days later, it was available. This is nowhere as good as him playing it, it is just my meat cutter attempt at hacking it out. There’s a very high note in this piece… I had to stick a mark on the fingerboard so I could try to hit it.

Wednesday 6.13.18

Wednesday Waltz, not a waltz. Skipper’s Fancy.

Saturday 6.9.18

A Saturday Waltz! This is “Neil’s Favorite Old Time Waltz” by Noel Berard. I thought it was, and is… a pretty neat tune.

Wednesday 6.6.18

Wednesday Waltz… with an actual waltz! It’s been a while since I took a crack at anything new, but I was recently invited to join a FB group, something I hardly do, where there would be a couple of tune challenges each month. I don’t know (most of) anyone who ever looks at this stuff I do here, but in order to join that group, I had to say I would post a video once in a while… like, a real video of me strangling a violin in front of people who can actually measure the amount of suckiness in my adventure. Guess I had to try to step it up and develop a couple of dangling spheres.

Wednesday 4.25.18

It’s been a while since I made some noise… I heard this on Peakfiddler’s page and had to give it a shot.

Saturday 3.3.18

Missed the Wednesday Waltz this week… here’s the catching up. The Boda Waltz.