Tuesday 11.21.17

Wednesday Waltz Bonus Edition: A redo plus a recipe.

Friday 10.20.17

Yesterday was kind of a tough day. We had to put our cat down. She had been suffering from a thyroid condition for a couple of years which meant a special diet… but other than that she was doing fairly well. The thyroid thing plus her age (15) all caught up with her last week. The vet prescribed a couple of meds but she decided enough was enough and stopped eating. The last week found her mostly looking into her water dish. There were a few attempts at doing regular things like batting things around in the bathroom, watching the news with me on the couch or checking out what was in the fridge for one last time. Losing a pet is hard. You always know this is the way it ends but this time it felt a little different knowing that the cat had been part of everything we’ve done in the last 15 years. At that time we still had kids in the house. Over the years they have all moved on and the cat seemed to be a tie to our past when everyone was still here. Ordinarily, I was never a cat person but this cat decided I was ok for a human.

RIP Tad Cooper (aka Venus)

Monday 9.18.17

Adventures in Mowing:

Sunday 9.10.17

While Hurricane Irma pounds Florida… we deal with another situation:

Monday 8.21.17

Here’s a preview of today’s solar Eclipse in case you won’t have time to actually see it…

Friday 8.18.17

This week in striping…

Saturday 7.29.17

I know actual people who actually build this kind of stuff. It always blows my mind a little and I am glad I can make a bit of a contribution to the project that will no doubt be around much longer than I will.