Monday 4.16.18

What a wonderful season…

Saturday 3.3.18

Missed the Wednesday Waltz this week… here’s the catching up. The Boda Waltz.

Wednesday 2.21.18

Wednesday Waltz… not a waltz. Professor Blackie by J. Scott Skinner, Scottish, 1900.

Sunday 2.18.18

I completely missed posting on Wednesday. We went to see Natalie MacMaster and Donnell Leahy – with their children in Madison on the 14th. Holy crap, was that ever awesome. Sure makes me feel like I have a long way to go with my fiddle after seeing that. They will be at Irish Fest in Milwaukee this year. If you want to see something that will not only blow your mind but make you feel good as well, go see them. Here’s a bit of Sunday fiddling with an additional 10 minutes of tripping in the UK in 2017.

Friday 2.9.18

Wednesday 2.7.18

Wednesday Waltz: not a Waltz. Bovaglie’s Plaid.

Wednesday 1.31.18

Wednesday Waltz, Poor Girl Waltz.