Sunday 9.10.17

While Hurricane Irma pounds Florida… we deal with another situation:

Wednesday 9.6.17

Wednesday Waltz: not a waltz. Here I am butchering Peakfiddler’s Elves Delight. Backing track by Chris Perry aka Peakfiddler.

Wednesday 8.23.17

We went to Irish Fest in Milwaukee last Saturday. One of the bands we’ve seen and enjoyed a few times seemed to be missing a member. Later in the set we learned that this member had recently passed away. I know they had played a little more upbeat version of The Star of the County Down, but I felt that a somewhat more mournful pace fit the circumstances.

Monday 8.21.17

Here’s a preview of today’s solar Eclipse in case you won’t have time to actually see it…

Friday 8.18.17

This week in striping…

Thursday 8.17.17

There will be cursing in this post… small children and those with weak constitutions please avert your eyes.

The President made yet another “off the rails” speech on Tuesday afternoon. In what was going to be a speech about infrastructure, things devolved into what we are more accustomed to: A ranting old white guy talking shit.

In response, here’s another rant from me: another old white guy…

We (Americans)(and unfortunately, the rest of the world) are just a little over 6 months into Trump as President. 3.5 years to go until a chance to replace him… if he actually lasts that long.

I know a few people who are, or were, Trump supporters. Talking with them prior to the election, their reasons for voting for him were much in line with the way Trump campaigned. They would actually quote the absolute “nothing” that Trump spouted while campaigning. It was time for a change… great, great things would happen, build a wall, lock her up… believe me. Shit like that. Now, these same people have little to say in support of this guy. Not that they say they don’t support him, they just don’t have much to say. I encounter some eye-rolling from time to time.

In February of this year, just a couple of weeks into this complete bullshit, Trump stated that his administration was running “like a fine-tuned machine”. What we have now is that fucked up waffle iron with the faulty wiring that once was ok but with age started to act up. Once in a while we decide to pull it from the back shelf and make some waffles, hoping that this time it will somehow magically work only to realize that the fucker is broken and can never be repaired.

I can’t blame Trump for being Trump. Some of us who read actual words in actual non-fake news articles knew going into this that he was a piece of shit. He was (and continues to be) a pompous, self-serving, misogynistic, xenophobic carnival barker who thrives on power and the popular response he gets from the ASSHOLES who put him in office.

Which brings me to ASSHOLES. ASSHOLES are every color with an overpowering hint of shit stain. You can be Man, Woman, White, Black, Asian, Hispanic, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Gay, Strait, Trans… it does not matter. Among these groups are actual ASSHOLES. People should not be called out or discriminated against because they are Man, Woman, White, Black, Asian, Hispanic, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Gay, Strait, Trans… but they should absolutely be called out if they are acting like ASSHOLES. If you are the kind of ASSHOLE who feels compelled to join in with hate groups making anti-semantic hateful speeches and chants, you should probably be called out for being that kind of an ASSHOLE.

So, a bunch of ASSHOLES got together in November and excreted a giant, yellow-haired, grumpy PIECE OF SHIT who become our current embarrassment. Every day we go to sleep wondering how it got this bad and then we wake up and read the latest twitter rant to start the never-ending shit storm up once again.

Trump is his own worst problem. His “fine-tuned machine” has gone through several replacement parts in the first six months. That waffle iron is done, give up. He can SAY he is making America great again and spout false approval ratings, he can take credit for jobs and market increases that may have been the result of hard work done during a previous administration… but until I personally see the improvement I’m calling BULLSHIT on this ASSHOLE.

Beyond all of that, as I get back to going over this post Trump continues to tweet:

The sorry truth is that Trump does not know or really even care to know American History. Inventing his own history is much easier than looking it up or having someone else look it up for him. When I hear this guy talk about Making America Great Again, I have to wonder which America he is talking about. Is he talking about the America that actually bought and sold other human beings and then later considered these people to be 3/5ths of a person? Is he talking about the America that once had no regulations on health or safety in the workplace, not to mention child labor? Are we talking about the America that did not allow women to vote? Maybe it is the America that treated every wave of immigrants as the next new piece of shit. Maybe it is the America that persecuted homosexuals? You need to remember that every time some dickhead talks about the meaning of the Flag… it also includes all of the really shitty stuff we’ve done to each other since we created it. In my mind, learning from history is supposed to be moving away from all of the awful things we’ve done as a country.

Some of us strive to do that. And, of course, some of us are ASSHOLES.


Wednesday 8.16.17

Wednesday Waltz: not a waltz… La Vie En Rose.