Wednesday 7.12.17

Wednesday Waltz. Been a while… Today’s tune is Snow on the Ben by Ian Hardie.


May 4, day 3 of our trip. The Guinness Storehouse where we learned how to (I do poorly) pour a Guinness. We are certified by Guinness to pour a draft. I accidentally did manage to leave those documents in the Castle Hotel in Dublin.

Thursday 6.8.17

We recently took a trip to the UK. Ireland, England & Scotland. Since coming home, I’ve been trying to process exactly what we did and when we did it. I did keep fairly accurate video and photographic records which help me to place where we were each day. It was 23 days of seeing things, meeting people and not knowing what was going on at home.

I also did not drive for 23 days. I offered after the first week but was told not to worry about it. It took me most of a week to feel normal on the left side of the road and the left side of the car as a passenger. I would often find myself positioning my feet to brake, even though I had no brake.

Here’s a little video of some of our time in London. We had dropped the car off in Oxford and then took the train to London. We spent several hours bouncing around London with no real plan other than making it to London City Airport to catch a flight to Edinburgh later in the day. As you can see at the end of the video, We could not escape the US news.

Wednesday 5.10.17

Wednesday Waltz, not a waltz. Today I should be somewhere in England… actually, in or around the Cardiff area experiencing a bit of The Doctor Who. What a nerd. Then to Cornwall then towards Oxford… then London and up to Scotland. This is a tune by Willie Hunter: The Love O’ Da Isles. (Set to post from March 24th… I was planning ahead.)

Wednesday 5.3.17

Wednesday Waltz, not a waltz. I’m posting this into the future from March 12 to show up on May 5. At this time I should be somewhere in Ireland. I think Dublin for a couple of days and then heading to Cork. This tune was composed by the Rev. William McLeod in the late 1700s when he was assigned to a parish in Argyll and had to leave his native Bracadale on the Isle of Skye.

Wednesday 4.26.17

Wednesday Waltz: More of an Air maybe… My Cape Breton Home by Jerry Holland.

Saturday 4.22.17

The Cliffs of Moher… an actual place where I will actually be in about 2 weeks… actually.